Future Proofing your Business > Reimagining a More Agile, Resilient & Ready Future

The dynamically developing business landscape presents both opportunities and challenges to organisational leaders. At times, it may be difficult to discern passing fads and distractions from essential technology that will shape an industry. As a result, future-proofing your business requires not only a keen understanding of these trends but also an ability to fast track implementation of advanced technologies to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Being future ready involves directing your efforts towards three primary beneficiaries: the company, the customer, and the community. Sustainable growth is achieved through fostering a company culture that values innovation, learning, diversity, and agility. This dynamic culture can better anticipate and adapt to the evolving expectations of customers, delivering streamlined, secure products and services. Growth needs to be safeguarded through the advocacy of corporate social responsibility within an engaged community.

As organisations evolve, we have a responsibility to constantly monitor emerging social, business, and technical drivers that can deliver sustainable business value. With ongoing innovations that span all industries and business functions, SAP remains committed to providing the tools and solutions needed to accelerate growth including:

  • Embedding responsible AI directly into our solutions to enable organisations to use the latest technologies to optimise and accelerate their business processes and capabilities
  • Ensuring that sustainability is at the heart of all enterprise systems and processes including the development of SAP Green Ledger for real-time carbon reporting that is auditable, transparent, and reliable
  • Enabling industry-specific SAP Business Networks for supply chain resilience
  • Accelerating innovation through automation with direct access to end-to-end processes and data
  • Delivering business-driven insights for better decision making, boosting productivity, and mitigating business risk
Peter Maier, Office of the CEO | SAP

These innovations and strategies will be explored in-depth at SAP NOW ANZ, happening on August 8, 2023.  This immersive event will be a blend of keynotes, engaging discussions, and showcases around resilience and innovation.

I invite you to join me and industry experts like Nickole Tara, Chief Growth Officer, Cirque du Soleil ® Entertainment Group and Victor Dominello, former NSW Minister for Customer Service & Digital Government, to dive into the world of emerging trends, AI, and sustainability.

Whether you’re in Sydney, Auckland, or any other city you can participate in SAP NOW ANZ virtually or in-person. With a diverse array of customer and partner speakers from organisations such as Endeavour Energy, Ventia, Rheem, Wesfarmers and McGrath Nicol, immersive showcases, and the opportunity to network with more than 500 peers and leaders, you can expect a wealth of knowledge and exchange of ideas to help future proof your business.

Head over to the SAP NOW ANZ website and register today.