Attend a CFO Summit Like No Other…

CFO Magazine A/NZ is delighted to be Media Partner with high growth fintech DiviPay bringing together for the first time a free virtual Australian CFO Summit. Taking place next month, the event is a smorgasbord for CFOs, covering the most pressing issues for contemporary finance leaders looking to lead change and make an impact!

Learn, share and be inspired by economists, futurists, venture capitalists, auditors and fellow finance leaders as we explore the key themes of 2022.

With 42 experts ready to inspire and inform through 17 online sessions, each 45-minute session is run online as a webinar, so you watch from the comfort of your own home or office desk!

Here’s a taste of the sessions for Wednesday 4th May, 2022. Have you booked your place yet?

Australian economic update: Leverage economic tailwinds for growth

Paul Bloxham, chief economist, HSBC joins us to discuss, just weeks away from the national election, the deepening of the Australian economic recovery, and expectations for the economy, policy and markets.

Before joining HSBC, Paul spent 12 years as an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia and is one of the most engaging and knowledgeable Economists in the region, who coined the phrase ‘Rock Star Economy’

A lively presenter, Bloxham makes economics accessible and interesting, living by the adage: ‘If I can’t explain to my mum, they I don’t understand it well enough for it to be useful’.

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Tax, technology, and policy impacting small business

This panel discussion by Deborah Jenkins, Louise Southall, Daniel Kniaz, Alexi Boyd and Matthew Prouse, ATO, Xero, DiviPay, COSBOA and Xero allows you to immerse yourself in the issues small businesses face today, and understand how future government policies will impact the small business sector.

The panel will cover economic trends, recommend behavioural changes and emerging policies and initiatives.

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Finance team wellness: Is the 4 day working week possible?

A talk by Meryl Johnston, Olga Klimentieva, Daniel Spitty, Ben Watiwat, Bean Ninjas, DiviPay, Everperform and inDebted.

Looking after your employees encompasses more than pay-rises and perks. It’s about truly improving employee wellbeing, allowing you to retain and attract the best talent.

This session examines the concept of wellness and how it relates to finance professionals. Learn how fellow leaders have challenged standard ways of working, implemented a four-day working week and banned (most) meetings.

What would you do with that extra day?

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Mergers, IPS and exits: Maximising your business valuation

Australian CFOs are in the thick of developing and executing strategic objectives to thrive in this new economic landscape.

Deloitte partner, Aaron Black will consider the role M&A can play in business strategy, as well as the planning required for an IPO. Plus, as we emerge post-Covid-19, what additional outbreak-related risks and uncertainties need to be factored into the processes, terms or timing of any deal?

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Tools, technology and processes: How to achieve financial excellence

CEOs increasingly rely on their finance teams to help drive strategic decision-making and efficiency.

CFOs are uniquely qualified to provide meaningful input to their organisations’ current and future investments, participate in the broader corporate vision, and advocate and produce strategic transformation.

Could we move away from a typical, annual capital-budgeting process towards a more agile process, with flexible budgets, quick decision-making and a performance-management system to match?

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Stories from finance leaders: The different pathways to become a CFO

The journey to becoming a CFO is far more varied than it once was. Now, there is no single path, rather the progression relies on an interplay of key personality traits and financial literacy skills. Hard number crunching abilities are necessary, but not sufficient.

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CFO leadership masterclass: Value creation rather than cost reduction

What do businesses truly value in a CFO? How do CFOs feel about the value finance offers after being referred to as a ‘cost centre’ for so many years?

Alena Bennet, finance leadership expert, will help you work through these questions, and more.

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Fireside chat: Achieving happiness and purpose at work

Atlassian’s in-house ‘Team Doctor’, Dom Price, helps them scale by being ruthlessly efficient and effective, with one eye always on the future.

Also available to chat will be the CEO of DiviPay, Daniel Kniaz, as he and Dom discuss how they collectively imagine and act to build a better future.

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Capital raising & beyond: How CFOs can keep investors happy

The CFO is a key ally to the CEO in managing and meeting the expectations of many stakeholders. But what of the tricky relationship between venture capitalists and their portfolio companies?

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There are more sessions available, covering everything from metrics to give you a better understanding of the Saas revenue model, a look at the future of digital payments, financial modelling, how to achieve hypergrowth, breaking stereotypes and even a communication masterclass to explore using the power of data storytelling.

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